Julian's second week

Photos taken 12/14 - 12/20

Santa hat



Family photo

In Uncle Steve and Uncle Dan cradle

With Mama and Rory

Nona's got him


Health Updates:

12/20/07 Update:

So, we've got LOTS of appointments for Julia now. He's got an eye doctor appointment (to make sure his eye sockets are positioned correctly) on 1/9, a FIVE HOUR craniofacial panel on 1/10 and then surgery on 1/22. He'll have a pre-op appointment in there somewhere, and he's got weekly visits to the pediatrician. Little guy is eating well (he's put on just shy of a pound in 2 weeks and has gained an inch in height) and aside from a little gas, seems to be really calm still. Portland Baby Sign Language Signing Time Academy ASL Babies Tiny Hands Talkers Learning Early


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