Julian's twenty fifth week

Photos taken 5/23 - 5/29

So calm

With Tia Mina

Mama, Rory and Jules

Crashed out on Fernando

Snuggling his great-uncle
(or is it second cousin? What's the geneological term for "uncle of his father?")

God-mom's got him again

Seti and Tia Mina

Great-grandparents' birthday

Rory, Jules, Seti, Grandpa, Ito and Ita

Kids, great grand-folks and Mama and Papa

Grandpa, Tia Mina, Rory and Jules


What big eyes you have

He likes Ita!

In the pool

He's a little old man

Look at those eyes

Memorial Day

With Seti in the carriage

A piece of Americana




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