Julian's fifty-second week

Photos taken 11/28 - 12/04

First Birthday Cake

Ninja party

See the headbands?

With Ito

Playing with Fernando

Big eyes

Uncle Ben


Uncle Ben, Auntie Runi and Cookie


Andrew, Papa and Dodo

Nana and Uncle Chris

Red found Andy

Nana, Julian and Red

Dingo found Red, too!

Dingo loves babies

Rory and Gwen beating up Ben

Runi with Jules

(he's nearly as big as she is!)

Ninja's and their cake

(Best ever from King's Hawaiian)

"Ooh, dragon!"


"It is sticky!"


Icing feet

"Enjoy your foot-cake, people!"

Papa likes icing


With the grandparents and godmother

Those funny kids


Melissa! In a photo!

With Godmom

With Seti

Julian loves Ita

With Papa's uncle Juan's daughters

Thumb sucker


Boys and their toys

Clothes from Stella and Andrew and Izzy

Coat from Grandpa and Seti

Chilled out!

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