Julian's Baptism

Photos taken at Ines and Armando's house and St. Lawrence Martyr Church

Papa holding Julian

Rory holding Julian

Papa and his kiddos


Proud God-Mama

The ceremony itself

Parents and God-parents posing with Fr. Lenihan

Armando told me to stick out my tongue

Parents, God-parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and sister

Sofia, Marina, Rory, Seti, Me, Nana, Great-grandma and Julian

Julian, Julian's Papa, Julian's Papa's Papa, and Julian's Papa's Papa's Papa

Martos men

...and Fr. Lenihan

Mama, Papa and the great-granparents

Martos siblings and Julian

Seti and Grandpa showing him off

Nana and great-grandma

Mama snuggles

What a pretty gown

Papa, Julian, Manolo and Emilio (cousins from Argentina)

...and Fr. Lenihan

Rory was not pleased. All she wanted was Seti.

Tidiane and Tia Mina

Tia Fia and Moi

Seti, Rory, Tia Fia and Alex

Mama, Papa, Justin, Maria, Fernando and Melissa


Juan and Mabel

Love the eyebrow raise

Mama's godson's Grandparents, Mitch and Stevie

Grandpa and Grandma

Nana and Barbara

Pictures, pictures everywhere

Grandpa's got Rory

Look at her little legs

Rory "helping" with julian's gifts

Thomas blanket from Seti

Proud God-mama


"Rory want some cake."

Showing off the kiddos (look at Rory eat)

Serious face

He's looking at you!

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