Julian's sixty-first week

Photos taken 1/30 - 2/5

Julian in a jungle?

Nope, bringing trees home in the bike!

We did this once before back in May of 2008
The lime tree was killed in the fall, so we just got a replacement

Waddle and Swaddle, the best store ever, just closed in January
These are (most of) the ladies who have worked there, and Rory and Jules

Jules stealing the shot

Handsome little devil isn't he?

First steps! He's a walker, now!

(no sound, sorry)

Rory took her first steps at W&S as well. Way to keep the tradition alive, boy-o

Jules discovered a plate

And a little girl!

Jules and our friends' daughter, also named Rory, sitting on Rory's mom. This is Rory II's 3rd birthday!


He has figured out why people do it


Boy in blocks!


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