Before Julian Was Born

We found out on Wednesday, August first, that the bundle of joy we're expecting in December will be Julian Antonio, the first Martos boy of this generation! :) Below are his ultrasound photos, Mama's Belly as it grows with him inside, and his history.

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In Mama's Belly

See what Julian is doing to Mama!

pregnancy week by week

Watch him grow!

November 17th Update:

So, his carseat is in the car, his cosleeper is set up, and the hospital bags are packed! Mama has been battling some pretty serious contractions, but there's no "progress yet" so there's nothing to worry about! We're ready!

October 25th Update:

We've hired a local doula (Carolynn) to help with Julian's birth, and between her help and the care of our midwife, Hsiu-Li, we're confident we've got a great birth team. With less than 8 weeks to go, we're thrilled to be (nearly) ready for his arrival.

September 15th Update:

3d Pictures!!

His darling little face

His little footsie

Touching his foot to his nose

Still a boy!

August First Update:

It's a Boy!



I'm a boy!

July 2nd Update:

It's a Boy?

Intelligender test says �Boy!� Is it right?

June 12th Update:

Found Our Midwife

So, We found a midwife through Blue Cross who works at the hospital Rory was born at, and she�s willing to work with Carissa to try and avoid another Caesarian. Her name is Hsiu-Li, and she�s got an office just a mile from our home, so Rory and Carissa can bike most days!

May 17th Update:

There's the little guy!

Rory says it looks like a bug!

Little peanut!

April 06th:

Here we go again!

Look at the test Mama took!

Mama and Big-Sister-to-be, Rory


Big Sister Rory's Page