Rory's 3 Months Old (week 13)

Photos Taken 11/11-11/17

Rory and the Baby Einstein Playmat (she loves the mirror!) (11/11)

In her lamby outfit (looking like Baba at 8 months old!) (11/12)

Saturday Night Fever (11/15)

Dark Rory (11/15)

Light Rory (11/15)

Which one is more acurate?

Probably these. She's actually somewhere in between the two sets above (darker than me, lighter than Pablo). I guess it's all in the lighting in the room. We took all these picutes ofr 11/15 in a ten minute time span. What happened?? (11/15)

Rory and my cat (Dax-The-Sexy-Man-Cat-Foo). Foo outweighs her by about 4 lbs still. (11/16)

Ain't she the cutest? Her grandma made her that blanket! (11/16)

Such a sweet little thing. :) All mine. (11/16)

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