Rory's 15th week (and baptism)

Photos Taken 11/25-12/01

Rory snuggling Mama (11/25)

Family photo taken at the mall (11/25)

Four Generations: Rory, her Mama, her Mama's Mama and her Mama's Mama's Mama (11/25)

Baba with Rory (11/25)

Baby asleep on Seti (11/25)

Aurora Sage's Baptism

Check out the photos of Aurora in her Grandmother's baptismal gown at St Lawrence Church.

Baptism Pictures

Drooly, drooly baby (11/21)

Finally, a picture of Rory and Uncle Andy (out of focus, of course) (11/27)

Rory with Grandpa (and watching James Bond on the Devil box) (11/27)

Asleep on Uncle Alex in his dorm (11/28)

Crashed at great grandma's house (11/28)

In her highchair with her Jafra items (gifts from Beverly, Dottie and Alma (11/30)

Learning to hold the bottle (11/30)

On the bed with the blanket from Patty (11/30)

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