Rory's 16th week (3.5months!!!!!)

Photos Taken 11/25-12/01

Her dress from Seti and Grandpa (12/02)

I've never seen anyone sleep like this! (12/05)

Seems to work for her, though (12/05)

In purple (in her 12 month size jeans) learning to eat (12/06)

Playing with her LAMAZE dog (she REALLY likes this thing) (12/06)

Sleeping with the monkey from Autie Monkey (Aruni) (12/06)

Happy Princess Aurora (12/07)

Leaning how to sit up in the boppy (and LOVING her Dog!) (12/07)

Rory and Fooooo! (12/08)

RIn her little Christmas outfit! Aint she cute? (12/08)

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