Rory's 17th week and Holiday Photos

Photos Taken 12/09 - 12/13

Rory discovers Christmas presents! (12/09)

Who is my cuteie pie? Fluffy jam-jams from Nana (12/09)

"This is coal, isn't it?"(12/09)

Rory wrings her hands as she plots the world's doom...then grins (12/10)

Look at my pretty froggy outfit from Holly! (12/11)

I see Papa.... (12/11)

Baby Mug Shot!

The shirt is SO her. (12/14)

Observe the doc marten booties...(12/14)

Love those pants...and her big ol' tushie...(12/14)

The jewelry box we got Rory as her Christmas gift this year. She has more jewelry than I did when I got married, and we wanted something special for her to keep it all in. It's about 18 inches tall, and VERY pretty. (12/15)

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