Rory's 19th week and Christmas!

Photos Taken 12/23-12/29

You can't see me! (12/23)

Piglet and Sofia (12/23)

On Chirstmas Eve with Papa (12/24)

Family photo! (12/24)

Christmas Eve at Journey of Faith with Mama (12/24)

Grandpa forcing the pacifier on the baby (12/24)

Christmas morning with Auntie Marina (12/25)

Merry Christmas? (12/25)

Southern California Baby Christmas in the pool (12/25)

...with Uncle Alex...(12/25)

...Auntie Marina...(12/25)

...and Auntie Sofia...(12/25)

Rory snuggling Marina (12/25)

In her new green puppy jam-jams (12/25)

Grandpa, Grandma, Mama, Papa, Cousin Melissa, Great-Grandpa, Great Grandma and Rory (12/26)

With Melissa (12/26)

Alex, Marina and the baby! (12/26)

With...Aunite sparkly-bubbles Monkey (and Mama) (12/26)

Rory and a photo of Auntie sparkly-bubbles Monkey at the same age. (12/26)

Rory snuggling her flying pig (12/28)

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