Rory's 21st week (getting SO BIG)

Photos Taken 1/06-1/12

First, one other tiny flashback (photos from Eat-at-Joes in Redondo)

"Hey, Papa! There's no boobie on this menu!"

Christmas Baby!

I thought Reynoso was afraid of babies?

Now back to our regularly scheduled cuteness!

Rory has discovered the joys of the exersaucer (her first introduction was playing with Juliet's on New year's Eve). She's borrowing this one from Jaquelin, our downstairs neighbor (1/06)

Loving the exersaucer...until she realized we were taking her photos! (1/09)

Any finger she can get... (1/10)

Cloth diapered baby butt!(1/11)

Piggy chupa-thingy (1/11)

I think the exersaucer is going to be a theme (1/11)

These shoes are a gift from Jack Stephan. Yes, ::giggle::, that Jack Stephan (1/11)

Sunshine and cuteness on the blanket from Phillis (1/11)

Awwwww, they match! Thank you, LFR! (1/12)

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