Rory's 32nd week (teeth! bunnies!)

Photos Taken 03/24-3/30

Rory's single tooth on Saturday

At the YMCA after her swim

::GASP:: Yellow ball!

"Come back!"


"Wait, you're not the yellow ball!"

"Bah! I want the yellow ball"

"Come here!"


Drool drool drool!

"Flashy box?"

Snug as a bug in a rug

If you give a pig a party....

Happy piglet

Gigglie pigglie

Our Easter photos...

...are gonna rock

"I just crawled across 5 miles of Arctic tundra...with a broken leg!"


Such concentration!

She LOVES this blanket!

On Thursday you can see tooth #2!

Rory got to meet Tom Tomorrow! How cool is that????

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