Rory's 35th week (Easter!!!)

Photos Taken 4/14-4/20

Uncle Andy! (first in-focus picture!)

Thumb suckies and Uncle Andy

Easter Breakfast

Historical Estate where we did the Easter-Egg Hunt and photos

When you gotta eat.... Seriously, complete stangers took this photo.

Isn't this place great? I think we're coming back next year, too.

What Rory thinks of the bunny ears

Easter Bunny

What you can't see here is Mama lying BEHIND that moss covered log and holding her up.

Piggle and Mama

"Look! An Egg!"

"How do I make this chickie stop chirping?"

"What else is in here?"

"A green and purple egg."


"Can I eat it?"

Piglet-on-the-back ride!

Lily photo Papa took at the Easter Egg Place

Papa and piggles after Mass

Whole Familt after Mass

Stolen Bagel!

Asleep on Liz (Rory's most awesome baby-sitter)

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