Rory's 41st (VERY BUSY) week

Photos Taken 5/26-6/01

Making a mess

"It's my grandpa!"

"I love my grandpa!"

"Now Grandma's got me!"

"Ooooh, flowers!"

Rory and her great-grandparents

...and the bird

Look at that hat!

A bigger hat!

Going to get shoes with Mama!

With Baba

Same faces! 90 years apart!

Pool Time!

(Believe it or not, this is her new happy face)

Papa says she's fiercely happy!

Wrinkly Feet!

At church


With Nana

"Oh my goodness, a giant Frog!"

With Sylvia

Dancing with Papa

A good dancer, too

Mama's turn!

Mama's favorite picture of this week

Gino (groom), Danielle (bride's daughter), Laura (bride) and us!

Rory and Tyrone (Papa's new kitten)

Tyrone has no tail...

and six toes (instead of four) on each back foot!

Five toes a piece on the front ones!

I'm gonna get you, Mama!

"Kitty-cat mice are tasty!"

"I can swing!"

She loves swinging

Asleep on Nana

In the pool with Stella

Is that a baby orangatang?

No, it's Rory with "bronzer" sunscreen on!

Fiercely happy in the water!

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