Rory's 45th Week (Fairy bug!)

Photos Taken 6/22-6/29

Sabrina's daughter April dresing up our cat, Dax-Foo. "Little Bunny, Foo-Foo..."

Isn't he purty?

She's a pirate. See, she's got "booty!"

Just LOVE this skirt on her.


Done up

"Look, Mama...a magic wand!"

"Hey, gimme!"

"Watcha doin'?"

With Katy's Lion

"I got the best seat in the house!"

Her towel-poncho from Argentina

It's too cute. I love the crab

Look at those chompers!

Who won, Rory or the cookie?


Our new favorite park in Oakland

Look at how happy!

"Yum! Swing!"

On the way home: "Make Way For...Goslings?"

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