102nd week (Mama's Birthday)

Photos Taken 7/27-8/2

Look at the hair!

Shoe thief!

Rory on the rocking-horse

Bob, Steve, Adah and Rory

Nora, Elena, Carissa, and the cake they got for Carissa's birthday!

Rory and Adah's water play

"Lemme try!"

Rory flexing

Adah put the hose in Rory's diaper

Rory in a bucket

Love that photo!

"Lemme wash you", says Adah!

Rory loves it!


Rory gives Adah a drink


Rory and Papa in the sprinklers

Rory in her donut shirt

Rory, Mama and Papa at the Kwik-E mart

See? We're Simpson's characters (we went to see the movie...and Rory sat through the whole thing!)


"I worried Mama!"

Better than it sounds

Chair climber!

Nana came for Mama's birthday!

Besos for Nana!

Nana's birthday gift

Rory likes that, too!

Potty time!


Sleepy time with Mama!

Thumb sucker!

She used to HATE hats!

Lunch with Papa at work

We had to get my body-pillow home in the bike


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