104th Week (Beach and Funeral)

Photos Taken 8/10 - 8/16

"Night-night, Mama?"

She stole Cindy's shoes!

She saw the beach and started pointing and laughing and yelling "Big agua! Bubbles!"

Mama and Andy in the water

Papa and Rory in the water

Getting splashed


Martos Clan in the water

Videos of the Beach Adventure

Freita Lehman, Aurora's maternal great-grandmother, passed away on August 4th. Her funeral was August 13th. Click the link below to see some photos at the service and the slideshow of Freita's life.

Freita's Funeral

That shirt is a lie

Blowing kisses

Kisses and dancing!

With grandpa, and great-grandparents

Going to the park

"Faster, Seti!"

Her favorite dog & her favorite people...

Rorys are tasty

Helping Aunite Sofia blow out her candles

With "Nona" and "Da Bob!"

"Bye, bye plane!"

Goofing off at LAX

Crashed in Mama's bed

Dress from Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Martos, books from Grandma and Andi and Wendi

Cute (and loud) toy from Marina and Tidiane (thanks for teaching her how to throw, BTW)

New dress from Betsy!

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