105th Week (Birthday!)

Photos Taken 8/17 - 8/23

Pineapple cake breakfast

Happy Birthday, Rory!



Loving the water



Climbing in her bikini


Moose, Rory and Isis (and Jaren)

Rory (in her new dress from Athena) with her cake and grandmothers

Make a wish, Rory!

Suhay, Grace (her sister) and Sam (her daughter)

Mama called dibs on Rory's head

Mooser is TOO CUTE!

Purple glasses

She looks like Freita in 1952!

Dancing with Papa

Ready, set, go!

Mama and Tia Cindy


Porter clan

With Seti

With Grandpa


Rory kissing Allegra (moosie's little sister)

You'll get a baby to play with soon, Rory

Allegra with Mama (Mercedes)

Rory's worn out

"night night"

The gifts from Suhay (and Rory in Mama's eyeshadow)

Kissing her new mono (from Mercedes, Kory, Moose and Allegra)

Her purse (::sigh::) from Cindy

The castle from Isis and Jaren (and their folks)

Seti made her that dress!

A, a, a...what begins with a? A new Seuss book from Jacque and Joey

New bath toy from Flores and Rachael (she thinks it's a monkey in a boat)


Lion Face!

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