Rory's first first party! (51 weeks!)

Photos Taken 8/4-8/10

Swings? Phhbbt!

Grandpa and Papa

"This birthday stuff is hard work!"

"What's that?"

"Hey, bubbles!"

"Grandpa has bubbles!!"

Rory "helps"

Sleepy with Grandpa

Sleepy with Auntie Runi

Silly Auntie Runi

"Papa in a tree?"

Pinata time!

Gwen's turn!



Baba's turn (pinatas at 91?)


Mama and Rory

"Grandpa showed me how!"

"Go Grandma!"

Party Cake

Rory's cake



Rory's best present, Isabel Anastacia!

See, a pet? (Just kidding)

Rory sleeping on (new dad and) Uncle Andrew at Harbor Gen

At the Martos house

More cake?

Rocking chair!

On Grandpa's bike!

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