Rory's 59th week (Wine again)

Photos Taken 9/29-10/05

But first, look! It's that time last year!

Rory's first wine-making trip

Back to 2006: A quick video of Rory chatting:

Mama and Rory match!

“I’m sleepy and he’s stupid”

“Am not!”

Slings and grapes…wasn’t this going on last year, too?

Look! Izzy feet!

Papa and grapes!


“What are you looking at?”

Rory and her bucket of grapes

“These are not for eating, huh Uncle Bob?”

“What’s in THIS bucket?”

“I found puffs! Puffs are for eating!”

“Open them please?”

“I can’t do it!”


Mama, Rory, Stella and Izzy

Mama, Papa and Rory

Family hugs

Kisses and a Rory sandwich

Naptime! (Note that Rory needs to be bribed to lay down…Izzy just snuggles)

Stella and Rory

Papa and Rory (she got caught cuddling, and so is grumpy)


Concentrating VERY hard

"Peanut-butter is good, too!"

Photos of Izzy from the trip!

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