65th week (In PAMDALE!)

Photos Taken 11/10-11/16

Rory meets Baba's brother, Crume Lamb. He's 86.

She took a header at CBC

Sat down and caught her breath

And was fine and dandy

Oh sure, she scowls

But she's not really angry

Are you, Wiggles?

Rory found the Papa

Rory is in Palmdale for the week with her grandparents. Look at her playing with her Ito and Ita.

New Clothes

"My very own play structure"

"Come on in, Ito!"

Manning the helm

"Oooh, Reynolds Wrap!"


"I LOVE pans!"

"So, I just jump, right?"


"Help me up, Ita! I wanna go again!"

"Gimme your camera!"

"Ooooh, colors!"

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