65th week (Palmdale, LA and Turkey-Lurkey)

Photos Taken 11/17-11/20

Andy and Rory

Nana, Andy, Rory and a wagon

"Oooooh, Ball!"

"I LIKE the ball"

"Hey, uncle Andy!"

"Who is this man???"

"Why is he kissing me???"

Rory, Ito and Tia Marina

At Tia Marina's job in LA

With Ito and Ita

And a giant cuckoo clock

"Hey, I wanna go do stuff"

"Mmmmmmmmmm, crackers!"

"Can I share crackers, now?"

Rory, Ita and Tia Marina

Cracker bits

"I'm gonna go share now"

"Would you like a cracker?"

(note the new clothes from Ita...how cute are they?)

"You can have a cracker"

"No, seriously, take it..."

Does Rory get a visitor's tag?

"Diet? Who drinks diet Coke?"



"Ain't I cute?"

With April in "The Warthog."

The Warthog

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