78th Week (Weddings!)

Photos Taken 2/2-2/8

She was the ring-bearer, Pabs was a groomsman and I was the best man at Andrew and Stellaís wedding this past weekend. As more folks email me wedding pictures (hint, hint) Iíll get those up.

Also, check out the videos of her walking with the blankie in Orange County and her cracking up with her grandparents and Fabio.

Shopping at David's Bridal

Wow...no, you can't be a bride, yet, Wiggle.

Walking with the Papa



Yay, it's Fabio!

Love the birdie!

"Don't let him bite me!"

In Auntie Marina's shoes

Walkin' around

Doesn't she look like a duck?

Falling asleep on the grandparents


Reading with Grandma

Like the Coppertone Baby

Little Bikini Baby


With Mama at Uncle Andrew and Aunt Stella's wedding

With Papa

With Mama AND Papa


Happy face

All tuckered out

And snoozin'

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