83rd Week (Papa turns 26!)

Photos Taken 3/16-3/22

Pouty girl

"Can I go in, now?"

Beatle hair!

Zebra pony

Saddle blanket?

Papa, Rory and Grandma ready to run Angel Island

Papa, Rory and Grandma at the Tiburon dock

Yay, Ergo!

Family photo!

Giggly happy family on the ferry to Angel Island

On Angel Island

2 miles up the mountain

6 miles up

Coming back down (we had to slow Ines down somehow)

Didn't really work

North SF bay


On the Ferry back

With Grandma

Blowing out the candles

In Papa's lap

"OOOOOOH! Fire!"

Sunday morning with Grandpa

New bangs (yay, haircut!)

Besos para Papa!

And Mama!


"Papa loves my hat!"


Cute dress from Grandma

Did I mention her hat???

Sleeping biker chick

So tired

Froggy legs


Neckalce and pigtails

Exploring cmapus

Blowing raspberries!

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