86th Week (Easter)

Photos Taken 4/6-4/212

Training her to drink out of a Camelbak

Froggy jammies from Nana

Likes those jammies

And pig slippers from Mercedes!

So snuggly

Her new trick: "Night night"

Hanging out with Mama!

So happy!

Why we have to buy a toddler bed

What do you want, Rory? "Up!"

On our way to Livermore (42 miles in 4 hours!)

Wagon with Adah!

Ain't they cute together?

Conked out


Asleep with Mama and Papa?!?

In the yard with Adah

Bob's flowers

Rory exploring

Easter baskets (thanks, Perrys)

Aren't they cute?

Easter treats

Look, it's Elena!

Rory's a (totland) cop?

Discovers tricycles!


Sabrina's daughter, April, carrying Rory

In her dress from Sofia

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