88th Week (She comes back next week!)

Photos Taken 4/20-4/26

"I stole Grandpa's shoes!"

Look at that cute face!!!!!!!!

Such a big girl

"My chair!"

"I hide under tables at home, too."

One sock off and one sock on...

Rory and Aunt Sofia

Awww, grins

"What's this? I don;t know about dishwashers."

"Is it a climby-thing?"

"Can I climb it?"

"Ooh, I can help!"

"Let me help!"

"Why can't I help?"

Auntie Mima

Playing with her auntie

"Look what I stole!"

Rory, in her new Beatle haircut, and Aunt Maria.

Auntie Maria, Grandpa, Rory, Grandpa Placido and Grandma Elidia

Rory and her great-grandfather

Rory (with wild windy hair)and her great-grandparents

Squatting in slippers

Talking to us on the phone

Baby-doll, juice cup and table

Giggly video


"Look what I found!"

"Is it a kitty?"

Petting the kitty

Giggly girl

Such a ham

Look at that Face!

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