91st Week (Mama's Day and Cal)

Photos Taken 5/10-5/17

Sharing Mama's breakfast in bed

Mama's Day kisses



An ice fiend, just like her Nana

From the left: Annie, Debi, Adah and Nora, Me, Sabrina and Aaliyah, April and Sabrina's lovely mommy.

From the left: Debi, Annie, Jacque, Nora and Adah, Doris, Sabrina, Isis and Joey

Charles and Aaliyah

Elena, Bob and Steve

All dressed for graduation!

Graduation Pictures


...in her cool new shades...

...and bikini...

At TotLand with Nana

In the cute outfit from Charles and Wendy

Working really hard

Hooray for Muzzy!

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