94th and 95th weeks (Vallejo and Torrance)

Photos Taken 6/1-6/14

At Carissa's Uncle's 50th (pirate themed) birthday party

"It's too big!"

"This one fits better."

"Niiiiiice bike. Hugs." (a direct quote)

One sock on and one sock off

"Gimme the camera"


80's aerobic chic

"What goes in the potty agian?

With Grandpa

Mama, Papa and Rory

Lookit that belly!

"Ahhhh! Besos!"

All tired out

In Nana's headband, visiting Baba

She wouldn't wake up, so we took her out in the carseat

Look at that face, though!

Random Waddle and Swaddle shift

Snoozing at Athena's

Uncle Andy got her a cool new snuggle-pig

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