113th Week (Spice of Life)

Photos Taken 10/12 - 10/18

Christmas dress fits! Yay!

Doesn't she look pleased?

Dinner in Andy's room

"I've got a button!"

Dancing with Liz at Spice of Life (Harvest festival in Berkeley)


"Mas dancing!"

"Nice cow, Mama"

"Kickens!" (Chickens)

PATIENT kickens

Like I said, calm kickens

Have you ever seen birds this relaxed about an attack 2 year old?

"Baa-baa want besos"


She simply would not believe this was a bunny.

It was a dog.

7 am at the DMV. In her sling.

"Mono sweepy in circo-pocket, Mama"

(The sling is a giant pocket, and it has rings (circles). I suppose it makes sense)

Asleep, on a potty, on a changing table, with a banana. Watch the video.



Horsie besos


Papa and Rory!

"Wheee, Papa!"

All by herself

She likes this park, too!

All to herself

A monkey, just like Papa

Ooogling the boys

Rolling in the dirt

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