121st Week (Family visit)

Photos Taken 12/07 - 12/13

Shiny happy Rory

With Grandpa and Seti and Julian

Sharing Grandpa with Julian

Grandpa all to herself

"Helping" during a diaper change

Kissing her brother

Her shirt says "I'm the big sister."

Being a dork with Seti

Rory's rocking chair

Singing Juingle Bells with the grand-folks

Is this the Christmas card picture?

Or this one?

Rory and Julian with Nona

Kissing Grandpa

Another group photo

She just loves on him

I think she likes him

Yes, that's a breastpump. She's helping.

More snuggles

At the park

Snowboots, lilac dress and llama sweater

Future Indy 500 driver?

Feeding Julian a bottle

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