136th Week (Easter and Guests)

Photos Taken 3/21 - 3/27

Little Farm

With Annie and Betsy Guest

She found a banana slug

Dressed up for Saturday night Mass

Candy for Mama, Papa, Rory, Andy, Annie, Betsy, Sofi, Alejandro and Choby...and a basket for Julian

Rory in her "Bunny hat"

Andy in the bunny hat

Her first chocolate bunny

As big as she is

Rory and a lily

Rory and Mama

Rory goofing off

Family photo

Found an egg!

Looking for more

Easter-egg hunting is fun!


Where to next?

Egg from Planet X

Kids and Mama

Kids and Papa

Rory pouting

Batman gets a ride on Rory's shoulders

Piggy hat

Park climbing

Look at her go!

Kid's room

Tour of their room

Perfect new bed

Rory shows off her bunk-bed

First French-braid



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