138th Week (Torrance and Poppies)

Photos Taken 4/4 - 4/10

Morning coffee

The van and poppies

She can run!

Windy day

Sitting pretty

Short stuff

With her brother

I've got 2

With "Ito" (short for Abuelito....she can do that one)

Ito, Ita and Rory

Antonio, Diani, Marina and Rory

With Mama, Papa and Ita

Kissing Ita

Whole family (most, at least)

Ready for the pool

With the grandfolks and Jules in the pool

Julian stares out at us

Hugs for Seti



Rory and Suni

Rory and Nana


Pushups on Papa

Hee hee hee

In a tube

Prety dress


Mama's on the horse

Rory's on the dragon

"They are dancin', Mama?"


Piggy Jams


Andy got a new camera

On Mama's back

Halo? Team Fortress 2? Who knows.

Bedtime routine

Rocking with Mama

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