141st Week (First Zoo Trip)

Photos Taken 4/25 - 5/01

In a sea of pink

Poofy tap dress

Check the tap shoes

Both shoes off the ground

Look at this skirt

In a circle

They are a flower (dance routine)

"Monkey walking"

Giraffe Pen

Look, an ostritch

Otherside of the giraffe enclosure

Mama and the kiddos

Rory in the drinking fountain

"Look, a mono!"

"Biiig Mono"

And more, over there

Kissing the lion

Best sign ever

Brushing a goat

Feeding a goat


They match


She likes this goat

Attack sheep. No kidding


In the web


Loving the carousel

Camera Smile

"What is it?"

Cotton candy is goooooood

On the train



At church with Papa and Nona

First day of school

Batman backpack

Her school

Getting ready to go again

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