Merciful Heavens, She's Three

Our little girl from 3 to four!

July 2009 Update

Seeing Princess Aurora, Mama's Birthday & Grandpa and Seti

July 2009 Photos

June 2009 Update

Graduations and Fathers' Day

June 2009 Photos

May 2009 Update

Mothers' Day

May 2009 Photos

April 2009 Update


April 2009 Photos

March 2009 Update

Papa's birthday

March 2009 Photos

February 2009 Update

In real school, 5 days a week

February 2009 Photos

January 2009 Update

Last month before school

January 2009 Photos

December 2008 Update


December 2008 Photos

November 2008 Update


November 2008 Photos

October 2008 Update

Andy's Home and Halloween

October 2008 Photos

September 2008 Update

Last month at the old house and moving

September 2008 Photos

August 2008 Update


In case you haven't heard, Rory and Andy had an accident on 7/21 that left him critically injured and her a little fearful and panicky. Due to that accident, the site's updates will be a little scattered. If you're interested in that chapter of our lives, please visit this page

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