April 2009

Photos (and videos) taken in April of 2009

She's old enough for AWANA?!?

Yup, my girly with a soccer ball

Doesn't know soccer from lacrosse, though


Her new friend

With Maya at Eli's party

She LIKES Paloma


Rory and Eli

Cake time!


Easter Eggs

Easter Basket

Yummy Bunny


Isn't this one great?

She found eggs!

First churro

Walking with Mama

Posing with Julian

She loves her brother

She does not love lines

"Wow! Easter Bunny!"

She calls this the "big, tall, fat Easter bunny"

No idea where that came from


Hunting for eggs at home

She's super cute


Playing with Dingo

She found Julian's eggs


Candy from her God-mom

She loves to eat Batman

Ferris Wheel with Mama

Pirate ship with Papa

Pirate slide

Train girl!

She got to "drive"

She loves trains

Choo choo

Swings with Mama


Ferris Wheel without an adult

Look at my big girl

On the 15 foot ferris wheel

Swings with Papa

Dingo and Andy on Mama's bed

This is Little

She's so proud of how she's helping

First slurpee on the way to the wildlife hospital

(Wolverine flavored)

Leaving Little with the doctors

Pretty fairy girl

Playing with Papa

She needs a kiss

Racing Papa

Andy's dress-up event

Happy with Lisa

Loves the spotlight, she does

She's so proud of him


Dodo helping Andy dance

Love the "dress boots"

Loving her fire-guys


Belle of the ball, much?

How much does she love PJ?



Leaving with Dodo

Blindfolded as she gets her surprise

Look down...

What a cool Batman blankie!

It goes with all of her Batman stuff!

Rory finds a fire truck

And they let her inside

Holding her candle for the fallen Oakland officers

Clapping as the walkers pass

Ordering a drink in the bar afterwards

Just like a real firefighter

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