January 2009

Photos (and videos) taken in January of 2009

In the pool with her grandparents

Modeling the shirt Mama made for her cousin, Adah

Feeding goats at Little Farm

Hugs for Mama

The train at Tilden Park...

Papa was Rory's age the last time he was on it

Tea party with Batman

Tea party

Batman in a truck

Playing with Jules


She picked the fire-truck

"This truck helps people!"

Motorcycles are rad, too

Don't let his expression fool you, he had a great time



Sarah Palin hair


"Like this, Rory!"

Atta girl!!

First trip to the dentist

Park day

Look at how well they play!


"Where did he go, Mama?"

January 20, 2009

Obama cookies

Beating Papa at Wii Boxing


Reading Blancanieves y los siete enanos

Working on her name


Tree climbing marathon

Look how cute

Out for a st/roll

Hugs for Mama


She chased this poor hen around asking "Are you my mother?"

Hugging random girl at park

Feeding cows...


And goats

The Waddle and Swaddle Crew on its last day open

Rory helped Mama make a piggy cake

For the other Rory's 3rd birthday

Two Rorys?

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