June 2009

Photos (and videos) taken June of 2009

Batman tatoos

The girl can move!

Taking the trail-a-bike out


Princess Aurora fairy in the courtyard


A surprise for Rory

Antique Fire engine

Yay, Tio Alex!

They like each other, can you tell?

Graduate with his niece, nephew and parents

Us and Alex

Rory, Jules, Alex and Marina

Rory and Tia Mina

At the park with her godmother



No idea why there was a "big ducky lady"

Then, she saw Stitch across the room...

She was so excited, she told the neighboring table about it

Yes, she believes this is the "real" Stitch and no, we see no reason to disabuse her of that notion

They played peek-a-boo

She was so thrilled

Got a hug

Actually ate

And then went back to pestering Stitch

He played with her doll

And seemed bemused by the hat

She was so pleased he would "talk" with her

Next, it was time to Dance with Lilo

Rory loves to dance

...and hug Lilo


Riding up to the castle

"Hey! That's Princess Aurora's castle!"

Nice group shot

Autopia (a 405 simulator)

"Whosover pulls this sword from this stone and anvil..."

All of the animals on the Jungle Cruise were real, too


She loves Sleeping Beauty

...at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutiqe

Pin and Spray

Abra Cadabra

Look how cute

(We did the hair thing to get her the sword and shield)

Independant at the LA zoo

A goat!

Cherry-picking in the desert

Sleeping with Suni

Pouting at LB airport

Watching kites

Flying her first kite

She's in awe

Thank you, Cindy!

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