May 2009

Photos (and videos) taken May of 2009

"Locking up" her bike

There she goes



Making Mothers' Day cards

Good color-er

Apartment garden

She planted this freesia for me back in fall

Painting buckets

Lemon tree bucket

Buddah's hand bucket

Rory loves her garden

She'll introduce you

Making breakfast for Mama

Breakfast in bed

Mama's Day snuggles

Mothers' Day park excusrion



Swinging WITH Mama

Hop,hop, hop

"I see you!"

Such a happy girl

Out for a bike-ride

Back at the aquarium

Touching a crab

Little fish

Ugly fish

Leopard shark fish

Happy as a...

"Nemo fish" ::sigh::

Bat Ray


Touching the bat rays

She loves it

Friendly things, though

Shark cookie

Back home, she "keeps Papa's spot warm" while he's in Monterey


At BORP's power-soccer game

Rory's new bike-contraption

Climbing at Sadie-Dey

Look at her abs!

What a bat-physique

Batman sings

Doctor implements (to fix Bob)

Cool swing

Teaching Jules to drum

Tiger coaster with Mama

...and Papa

Airplane ride!


And spinney-rides


Fire truck

Mama's gypsie

Doing Wii-fit

Half-moon pse

Ain't she cute?

On the bus-ride home

Feeding geese

Climbing like a monkey

Harassing the geese

Running is awesome

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