November 2008

Photos Taken in November of 2008

Outside the Monterey Bay Aquarium

"What's a bat-ray?"

"Flying Bat Fishy!"

Handling abalone

Touch pool

Star fish

"Hey, I got a starfish!"

Fishy tank

New Members of the Aquarium

Life-Sized "Giant Clam" shell

We voted!

Hamming it up

Cold ground

Helping do laundry


Fairy goes hiking?

Camel Back

Grumpy butt

Sugar Plum Fairy

Silly mooch

Fake Smile

Horseback riding

Her box-car

Dancing in her box-car

Take a bow

Biking with Mama and Dingo

Spa Therapy for Andy

At the Dog Park


Real fur coat (from goodwill, sorry PETA)

Seti, Tio Alex, Julian and Rory

(Mama and Papa are wagering this is Grandpa and Seti's Xmas Card)

Hugs for Tio Alex


With Dodo and Julian

Little ninja

Tag with Nana

Chowing down

"I like pizza"

Dirty feet

With Seti

She LIKES Redford

With Seti

Upside down

Martos girls and Julian

In Tia Mina's bikini

Dancing with Seti


Blowing kisses

Drying Up

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