From four to five (can you believe it?)!

Our giggling, dancing, pre-k attending little pumpkin.

July 2010 Update

Jam and Cooking

July 2010 Photos

June 2010 Update

Dance Recital and Torrance

June 2010 Photos

May 2010 Update

Sunny Days

May 2010 Photos

April 2010 Update


April 2010 Photos

March 2010 Update

Museum and fun!

March 2010 Photos

February 2010 Update

V-day and Friends

February 2010 Photos

January 2010 Update


January 2010 Photos

December 2009 Update


December 2009 Photos

November 2009 Update

Sick little trooper

November 2009 Photos

October 2009 Update

Fall and Halloween

October 2009 Photos

September 2009 Update

Firefighters, settling in, new school, new friends

September 2009 Photos

August 2009 Update

Seeing her new house, her birthday party and her last month in California

August 2009 Photos

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