New and Improved Martos Family Page

Now more coherent!

Well, I've decided Rory's page is so beautiful, I might as well put our family page in some sort of order (it was getting a little out of hand). Enjoy and take a look!

Aurora's Page

Rory's Page is up and LOVELY, stop on by and visit:

July 3, 2003 Photos

Wedding Photos are still up (I just simply CANNOT give them up...I love showing them off):

Pablo's Page

Updates on Pablo, his wonderful job at LFR Levine-Fricke, and his guitar lessons:

Carissa's Page

Updates on Carissa, her classes at UC Berkeley, her involvement with the Student Parent Association on campus, and her new adventures as a ::gasp:: mother:

Shameless Plug!

I designed my brother and sister-in-law's page as well! Go look!

S.T.A.R. Puppy Love