A Long Time Ago...

July 20th Update

36 weeks and she could come any time, I'm told. We had an ultrasound at the hospital (no pictures, grrrr) and we got to see her "breathing" and everything...and got more comments on her size. Why were we in the hospital? Well, I got knocked down by a dog (not his fault) and tore a ligament, so any movement I was up to is out the door now. ::sigh:: Here are the baby shower photos, though....from the ones in March and July...


June 29 Update

33 weeks (yay!) and counting. I've found a chiropractor to help with the pain I'm in, and have a handicapped parking placard to help with getting around town. I'm thrilled. Here are some new pictures...

Only up 8 lbs since I got pregnant, but can you see how big this baby is going to be???

June 16 Update

Last night Pablo and I had to run to Labor and Delivery at the hospital for some tests due to some unexpected (and slightly profuse) bleeding. All tests checked out normal, and Rory is fine (no placental abruption or anything like that), although the med staff couldn't tell us what would have caused the bleeding, so we're left answer-less. We did get a new ultrasound photo, though, so take a look. She's due in exactly 2 months (but measuring big, so maybe she'll come a little early? I've still only gained 5 lbs since November (yay!) so I'm feeling pretty good, all things considered.

This is the same Ultrasound partially colorized to help you see her better

hips <---------------------------> head

looking stright toward you

May 15 Update

A couple of little belly photos from our failed Bay-to-Breaker's run (go to Living at Cal) for all the info.

May 2 Update

Another ultrasound today! The tech confirmed that yes, she is a girl. We got two good profile shots (and a great footprint, but the tech didn't print that one). Here's the best profile...

March 18 Update

Ultrasound today! We found out that it is indeed a girl...and that she should be here in mid August. She was REALLY shy, so these are the best pics we have...

Well, this proves it... the point of view is similar to the one you'd get if you sat the baby on a xerox machine and hit copy...

A good profile shot...

Our 3 D photos as the baby looks away, hides her face, etc. We finally got a photo where the umbilical cord isn't right in her face, and she put her arms up!...

See... she's looking right out at you! Nifty, huh?

March 10 Update

Went in to see Jeri the midwife again today. Got the name of a good pregnancy chiropractor (to deal with the back ache thats snuck up on me over the last few weeks) and got to hear the heartbeat again. Its 150 beats per minute now, which is still so fast it sounds like a small stampede. The last week or so it has finally warmed up so Ive been feeling better and eating again (morning sickness is no joke), so I was afraid Id put on some serious weight. Nope, Im down 7 lbs from my last appointment, which makes me 3 for the pregnancy so far. She said my belly has grown (which explains why my maternity pants are fitting better), but that I must just be losing fat as Beans existence hikes up my metabolism and I get moving around again. Yay! Im glad that it looks like Ill be able to keep the gains down with the pregnancy (she figures I can keep it under 25 lbs which is a GREAT goal). Check back in a week (March 18th) to see whether Bean is a boy or a girl!

Feb 18th Update

Ultrasound Photos!

At 3:30 this afternoon, after drinking far more fluid than any human being should ever have to imbibe, I was ushered into an Alta Bates ultrasound room and doused in a gooey gel. :) They wouldn't let us videotape the procedure (so you all can't watch Bean squirm and kick) but there are two really good photos.

Bean's profile! You can see the smile!

Looking straight down on Bean... Lying <--------> this way with head to the left and legs curled up against the body on the right.

Jan 31st UPDATE

I joined a student parent group on campus, since I really have no idea what we've gotten ourselves into, and am enrolled in a New/Expecting Mom class at Cal. After an unplesant visit with an OB, Pabs and I went today to visit Jeri, a midwife based near school. She's a wonderful person, very helpful and kind, who very obviously loves her work. She let us hear little Baby Bean's heartbeat today 150 beats per minute. It was so fast, I was worried something was wrong. :) However, that's a normal and healthy rate, but Bean let us know he's shy by kicking at the doppler.

How It Happened

No, there's no speech here about "when a man and a woman love eachother very much..." In October, I had emergency wisdom tooth surgery, and was on antibiotics for a couple of months battling infection after infection. Well, the volunteer-pharmacist didn't tell Pablo or I that antibiotics render the Pill null and void, so two weeks before my finals week (mid December), I crawled into the school doctor, believing I had ebola or some other life threatening disease. I got handed this:

Refusing to belive it, that weekend I bought a little digital pregnancy test... which I took Sunday night while trying to write a paper (not my brightest move). It was pretty clear.

I ran in to the room to wake up Pablo (it was 3 am) and opened one eye slowly and said "So we're having a baby?" When I nodded assent he replied, "Well, there goes sleep for me."


The Modern Baby


-William Croswell Doane

"The hand that rocks the cradle"-but there is no such hand;

It's bad to rock the baby, they would have us understand;

So the cradle's but a relic of the former foolish days

When mothers reared their children in unscientific ways-

When they jounced them and they bounced them, these poor dwarfs of long ago-

The Washingtons and Jeffersons and Adamses, you know.


They warn us that the baby will possess a muddled brain

If we dandle him or rock him-we must carefully refrain;

He must lie in one position, never swayed and never swung,

Or his chance to grow to greatness will be blasted while he's young.

Ah! to think how they were ruined by their mothers long ago-

The Franklins and the Putnams and the Hamiltons, you know.


Then we must feed the baby by the schedule that is made,

And the food that he is given must be measured out or weighed.

He may bellow to inform us that he isn't satisfied,

But he couldn't grow to greatness if his wants were all supplied.

Think how foolish nursing stunted those poor weaklings long ago-

The Shakespeares and the Luthers and the Bonapartes, you know.


We are given a great mission, we are here today on earth

To bring forth a race of giants, and to guard them from their birth,

To insist upon their freedom from the rocking that was bad

For our parents and their parents, scrambling all the brains they had.

Ah! If they'd been fed by schedule would they have been stunted so?

The Websters and the Lincolns and the Roosevelts, you know.


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