See this kid?

Ignore, for the moment, the great, goofy face and the fabulous photo.  Notice, if you will, the corners of head.  Then, take in the fact that his head has corners.  This photo also doesn't show the fact that the back of his head is distinctly football shaped, either.


So, after everyone insisted for months that he wasn't going to need another surgery, was fine, had not problems, and that everything was going to close up nice and neat all of its own accord, they scheduled the scans I had been pushing for.

Yup, he needed a second surgery, and they scheduled it for September 9th.  

So, we brought him in, this time labeled FRAGILE:

and handed him back over to the surgeons.  They were still arguing over which side of his head they were going to work on ("Front."  "Back!"  "Front!!"  "Back!!!")  In the end, back won out, and they hustled him off.  We ate, read a bit, and were starting our napping in shifts when our beeper went of a good hour and a half early.  

Let me tell you, nothing will set off a parent like their child's surgery not going according to plan!

We rushed up the stairs (the elevator was far too slow) and were told that it had just been easier than they'd expected, and that he was done.  Wow.  Good news for once.  I like good news.

This time, before surgery, I had decorated his crib so that no one looking in could forget that, despite what he looked like in the bed, he was a happy, and handsome boy.

Turns out, I needn't have bothered.  He didn't swell to elephantine proportions this time, and this was as swollen as he got:

and he looked like this after only a few hours:

Then, we sat and waited, and entertained loving and kind visitors, like Rory and her Godmother:

and our dear friend Karen and her daughter.

Friday night, the plastic surgeon came by, checked the baby out, and said he could go home if he wanted. Our pediatrician agreed, and so the neurosurgeon was paged to sign the orders. Eventually, the only thing holding us up was the Rx for his pain meds, which we got and rushed home. The bandages came off once we were home, as per instructions:

The scar looks FANTASTIC, even just a few days post-op, and it is easily hidden by a hat: