Many kids with craniosynostosis, or its sister condition plagiocephaly, end up wearing helmets as part of their corrective therapy.  For many kids this can take the place of surgery entirely, or it can be paired with endoscopic surgery to reshape the head.

Not so for Julian.  We had to badger our neurosurgeon into getting a helmet for Julian because after surgery he had a softspot the size of my hand, fingers included.  "This is a problem," I had to explain, "as he's started to crawl AND to cruise from person to person as if he's in any way allowed to be mobile.  The only thing protecting his brain from the outside world is his dura and a layer of skin!"

Seriously, the thought of him clanging that HUGE soft spot into anything sharp or hard, or of Rory catching him with a sharp elbow or toy...anyway, they relented, signed the prescription, and the helmet was wonderful.

He wore it around the house, when crawling on things, and sometimes when we were out in public, to protect his soft little noggin:

He never really needed to wear it in bed, or in the car, and we could just snap it off of him when we needed to bathe him or sub his soft little head.  So yes, I know it isn't really much like conventional helmet therapy, but just remember:

Kids in helmets can be utterly FREAKING cute.


After the 3rd surgery, he's still adorable.

4th surgery complete?  Still the cutest thing ever.